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Animatronischer Arm

School - Name der Institution
HTL Rennweg

Gernot Keuschnig (AT), Paul von Ahsen (AT), Nino Wegleitner (AT), Lukas Ziegelbauer (AT)

http://www.animatronica.at, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJGFqy_pH_2s-9okTFxYEg, https://www.facebook.com/teamanimatronica

Over 100,000 people are injured at work in Austria every year. These accidents can not only result in dreadful suffering and financial losses for the victims personally, they also entail considerable costs for the economy and the public sector.

The Animatronic Arm is a response to precisely this challenge. It’s a mechanical arm that performs actions that would otherwise be the job of a human worker, who is now spared the need to enter a danger zone and whose risk of injury is thus minimized.

Thanks to intuitive control of the arm via the 3D camera and an individually adjustable wired glove (data glove), the arm can be operated by anyone; no prior training or technical knowledge is required. The system registers motion data and sends it via wireless network to the mechanical arm, which mimics the operator’s motions with minimal delay.

The arm is powered by a hydraulic drive unit and moved by a cylinder and pulleys. Situating the drive components externally to the arm itself, the installation of specially constructed aluminum joints and the use of a mechanical hand produced by a 3D printer made it possible to keep the weight of the arm down and, in turn, achieve a quick reaction time and agility.


Gernot Keuschnig, Paul von Ahsen, Nino Wegleitner, Lukas Ziegelbauer

Gernot Keuschnig, Paul von Ahsen, Nino Wegleitner, Lukas Ziegelbauer are 18- and 19-year-old boys attending Rennweg Technical School in Vienna where, in addition to the usual academic subjects, they take courses in the three sub-fields of mechatronics: mechanical engineering, electronics and information technology. This wide-ranging technical background enabled them to carry out this entire project independently: construction, electronics and programming. The Animatronic Arm project was completed as part of their diploma