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Y-Rail Security

School - Name der Institution
HTL Rennweg

Maximilian Krexner (AT), Thomas Lanik (AT), Philipp Schrittwieser (AT), Matthias Wotke (AT)

http://www.y-rail-security.at/, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy8Cw7sYjqTNrbOafDiEP9w/videos, http://www.facebook.com/Y.Rail.Sec

The aim of our Y-Rail Security project is to develop an alternative to conventional track-based transportation systems. The problem with traditional systems is that the switches contain moving parts that cause problems in controlling the switching process and are also subject to wear and tear. That’s why these dynamic components have to be replaced on a regular basis.

In our diploma project, Y-Rail Security, we’ve developed a solution to the above-mentioned problems: a track concept that functions strictly with static switches. That’s also the source of our project’s name—the track, from a bird’s-eye view, resembles the shape of the letter Y. Its surface is scored with grooves that make it possible for the vehicle to either veer off or continue straight ahead. The movement is determined entirely by the guide profiles, which can practically determine their path on their own by simply rotating 90° in one direction or the other.

This concept has numerous potential applications. Our system could be used for surveillance purposes at sprawling facilities such as Vienna International Airport or the voestalpine steel mill. Y-Rail Security is designed to move quickly, quietly and on command, and to do so loaded with various cameras or other surveillance equipment. Our vehicle could also be used to transport small objects in places like factories or Amazon warehouses.

Our brightest prospect for the future, however, is transporting people. Our system could be set up in the airspace above current traffic arteries like a sort of rollercoaster and thereby constitute an innovative new public transit system. The stainless steel tubes used for the network of tracks are wear-resistant, functional regardless of weather conditions, tough and durable. A very hard, heavy-duty plastic has also been used for the switches to make them wear-resistant. This makes Y-Rail an infrastructure investment with great future promise.


Y-Rail Security-Team

Y-Rail Security was the diploma project of four students at Rennweg Technical School. Matthias Wotke was primarily responsible for construction and directed the mechanical production; Thomas Lanik was in charge of electronics and helped out with production; Maximilian Krexner, as assistant project director, handled project management, the electronics and the finances; and Philipp Schrittwieser was project director and responsible for programming and marketing. Special thanks to our supervisor, Werner Reindorf, who knew how to help whenever problems arose.