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Auszeichnung - Award of Distinction

Drumming is an Elastic Concept

Josef Klammer (AT)


Since the mid-1980s Josef Klammer has been continuously working as a musician and media musician on the tonal enhancement of his instrumentarium, and on the exploration and transformation of media-immanent music potentials.

His first full-length solo program, Trommeln ist ein Dehnbarer Begriff (Drumming Is an Elastic Concept), is an anthology of his intensive efforts and their realization under the direction (scenic design) of Ernst M. Binder. The project’s title is based on the Kunstradio program Membran, which Klammer created live on the Austrian national radio station Ö1 in 2008. Instead of the usual plastic drumheads, Klammer used latex skins. As a result, the drumbeats were slowed down and stretched, until only the “breathing” of the drum was audible. Thus the title not only stands for the visual illustration of a process, but also as a metaphor for the adaptation and enhancement of the instruments using analog and digital aids.


Josef Klammer

Josef Klammer (AT), born 1958 in Lienz, is a musician and media artist. Initially he worked as a photographer, then studied drums at Music University Graz. Since the mid-80s Klammer has worked continuously developing his instruments and sound whilst maintaining his involvement in research and the transformation of media-immanent music potentials. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, concerts and festivals all over the world, as well as numerous and regular concerts and recordings with a wide variety of ensembles playing new improvised electronic and experimental music. He is a curator for various festivals and initiatives, music projects and workshops at schools. In 1994 he received the award for computer music from the Austrian Ministry of Art and Science.

Concept, music, controller, percussion: Josef Klammer
Scenic design: Ernst M. Binder
Light design and sound engineering: Geari Schreilechner
A co-production with dramagraz
Supported by the Styrian State Government, the City of Graz, SKE Fund
Thanks to: Liquid Music and Werkstadt Graz