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Loopex - Konstruktion eines Filament Extruders

School - Name der Institution
HTL Rennweg

Alexander Brenner (AT), Nicolas Groß (AT), Matthias Thym (AT)

https://loopextruder.wordpress.com, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__6VPtijY4Cl1fc_wI9G7w, https://vimeo.com/loopextruder/

The evolution of 3D printing technology in recent years has unleashed a boom in this field. Now there are even a few 3D printers that are affordable for hobbyists. Besides the purchase price of the device itself, the major cost factor in 3D printing is the material, the filament. On the other hand, the filament’s raw material in the form of plastic pellets is comparatively cheap, so producing your own filament can significantly reduce the operating cost of a 3D printer. This can be made using a filament extruder.

As our high-school diploma project, we developed Loopex, a filament extruder in which the raw material is poured into an intake and then funneled into a heating compartment where the plastication takes place. The resulting homogenous, viscous mass is then pressurized and extruded through a nozzle. In order to achieve output that is usable by a 3D printer—a uniform filament with a diameter of 1.75 or 3 mm—this seemingly simple process has to be coordinated with utmost precision.

Time permitting, we plan to expand our project, developing additional components and investigating whether the pellets we are currently using can be replaced by recycled material without diminishing the quality. If it turns out that high-quality filament can be produced using shredded plastic waste such as PET bottles, then Loopex would make a contribution to increased efficiency in the recycling of various plastics.


Alexander Brenner, Nicolas Groß, Matthias Thym

We were born in 1996 and are enrolled in the Mechatronics program at Rennweg Technical School in Vienna, from which we’ll graduate this year. We formed our crew at the end of our fourth year. Since each of us already had experience working with 3-D printing and this field is an important part of Rennweg’s curriculum, we decided to pursue a project dealing with this rapidly developing technology.