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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions


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BORG Bad Leonfelden

Theresa Awad (AT), Anna Birngruber (AT), Anja Burgstaller (AT), Christina Engleder (AT), Julia Gründlinger (AT), Lucia Klecatzky (AT), Hanna Pammer (AT), Teresa Reisinger (AT), Madelleine Roob (AT), Michael Traxler (AT)


They’re everywhere: picture screens! Wherever you look these days, you see a display. Now, there are even smartphones offering better picture quality than a TV monitor. And just about everybody has one. So using them as the basis of an art project seemed like a pretty doable idea.

After a bit of brainstorming, we quickly agreed on a project concept. We wanted to try to make a figure walk out of one cell phone and into another. Our objective was to achieve a visually fluid transition from one device’s display to the next. We began to think up a story and sketched the individual scenes on small sheets of paper meant to represent our smartphones. In this way we could rearrange, redraw or replace whatever we wanted.
The next step was technical implementation. At this point, we didn’t even know whether this was feasible or how well it would work. So, as a test, we shot two sequences at different locations in our school and tried to play them back side by side on a computer. We were delighted with the results.

Motivated by our initial success, we began shooting the individual scenes. More than anything, the scenes in which several protagonists appear really put our patience to the test, since their timing when entering and exiting had to be perfect. At some points we had to adjust the video’s speed in post-production to lengthen or shorten the pauses between scenes. Even the final recording of the entire sequence of events put a few stumbling blocks in our way—for instance, somebody’s finger didn’t fully depress the play button, or a cell-phone suddenly switched to standby mode. Nevertheless, we finally succeeded in executing and capturing one totally perfect sequence, and we now proudly present the finished product.


Klasse 8 c BORG Bad Leonfelden

The members of Class 8c at BORG Bad Leonfelden are Theresa Awad, Anna Birngruber, Anja Burgstaller, Christina Engleder, Julia Gründlinger, Lucia Klecatzky, Hanna Pammer, Teresa Reisinger, Madelleine Roob and Michael Traxler. This project was produced by students taking a special media design course as part of the Media / Art program at BORG high school in Bad Leonfelden. Together with advisor Wolfgang Hoffelner, they regularly produce projects in a variety of multimedia disciplines. www.borgplay.at