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"Mach was Handfestes"

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Berufsschule für KFZ-Technik, Scheydgasse - Wien

Katja Haller (AT), Hannah Hradec (AT), Ivan Lastric (AT), Ahmed Parmaksiz (AT), Bogdan Vieru (AT)

The idea behind our project Mach was Handfestes (Make Something Tangible) was that the way people think about apprenticeship is in desperate need of improvement. Apprenticeship’s image has to get a facelift to make it more appealing to young people. And who can do that better than youngsters themselves? Who knows their job better than those who are learning and practicing it? Our clip is meant to be a promotional video for the job of motor vehicle technician. When we initially tried to get apprentices in various classes and groups interested in our project, the creative yield was rather meager—most groups’ output was more or less simple posters. But suddenly, when the prospect of producing a commercial was raised, this initiative started to get some serious traction. Although we didn’t have any concrete ideas yet, one thing had definitely emerged: in the competition to get girls, automotive apprentices somehow had to come out on top against boys pursuing other types of training. So the direction of the narrative arc was clear right from the start.

At first the setting was supposed to be a car dealer’s showroom with a workshop attached, but this concept was junked in favor of the one we ended up going with. Someone had the idea of switching roles—that is, the boys as the clueless and helpless ones and a female automotive apprentice as the heroine—but that turned into a non-starter because there just weren’t enough girls who wanted to perform in front of the camera.

Due to bad weather and organizational problems on the day of the shoot, we had only about two hours to make our video. Plus the memory card didn’t have enough capacity for multiple takes. We constantly had to delete previously scenes we had shot to make room on the card for the new ones. At the last minute, roles were reassigned, articles of clothing swapped, and everybody collaborated on rewriting a few plot details. All in all, at the end of this brief shoot and despite the chilly weather the intrepid members of the cast/crew were glad to have participated and proud of what they had done!


Katja Haller, Hannah Hradec, Bogdan Vieru, Ivan Lastric, Ahmed Parmaksiz

Katja Haller, Hannah Hradec, Bogdan Vieru, Ivan Lastric and Ahmed Parmaksiz are 1st and 2nd year students at Vienna’s Vocational School for Automotive Technology, where they spend one day/week in conjunction with their apprenticeship. In this timeframe, they planned and implemented their project.