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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Deichkind "Denken Sie Groß"

Christian Hartmann (DE), Till Nowak (DE), Timo Schierhorn (DE)


The song Denken Sie Groß (“Think Big”) by the German band Deichkind is a motivational guide to megalomania. In the video a ten-year-old boy gives an internet tutorial on how to make an award-winning music video. Using 3D animation software, he builds a digital sculpture from archive photos of the band. He reassembles the band’s biography and sends the continuously growing entity on a world tour. World domination instead of homework.

Famous for their DIY approach, Deichkind started in small clubs using garbage bags, duct tape and everything they could find backstage to add excitement to their shows. Following that concept for nearly fifteen years, they have grown into one of Germany’s biggest live acts, with truckloads of high-tech equipment, all of which they invented themselves. The photographs used in the video show various of these gadgets, props and costumes, spanning their entire career. The items have been digitalized, morphed and reconstructed by a little kid, to form some sort of entertainment Godzilla that grows ad infinitum.

The digital world is increasingly being conquered by teenagers and kids. In countless online tutorials they teach adults and professionals the proper use of modern technology. The world is in their hands and their imagination knows no bounds. Timo Schierhorn and UWE, who have been collaborating with Deichkind since 2012, became interested in working with Till Nowak after seeing his short film The Centrifuge Brain Project. Nowak’s absurd extensions of found footage realism especially attracted their attention.

When they met Nowak and caught a glimpse of his unique 3D modeling workflow, the idea was conceived of recording his working process and making the video a tutorial.

The production was realized over a period of six weeks. For the first three weeks Nowak used an HD recorder to capture his daily modeling routine. The footage was passed to Schierhorn and UWE every two to three days for editing. For the remaining weeks Nowak worked on the more elaborate compositing scenes that would conclude the video, while continuously exchanging files and ideas with his workmates, who would finish the edit and the sound design. The concept of using sound effects emerged during the editing process. Incorporating industrial sounds, from knitting machines to large hydraulic systems, helped make the fast-paced modeling sequences more accessible and also added a subtle touch of overstatement to the story.

The intro and interlude scenes were shot on location by Schierhorn and UWE in week five. Elliot D., the boy in the video, had no acting experience. To keep the performance as real as possible, the lines and dialog were mostly improvised.

The video was color-graded and finished two days prior to its release, with Nowak still handing in reworks of the final compositing shots.

The programs used in the production are Autodesk 3Ds Max, SynthEyes, Adobe After Effects, Crazy Talk Pro and Final Cut Pro.


Christian Hartmann

Christian Hartmann (UWE) (DE) born 1980, is a musician and director from Hamburg, Germany. He works as a songwriter, producer and touring musician for several bands, such as 2raumwohnung, Nobelpenner and Deichkind. From 2012 he became increasingly involved with directing, especially in the field of music videos.

Till Nowak

Till Nowak (DE), born 1980, is a digital artist, designer and filmmaker based in Hamburg. Since 1999 Till has worked as a professional computer graphics artist on his own independent projects and as an efficient one-man production company for high-profile clients. Till graduated in media design at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz in 2005. His work has been exhibited in hundreds of international film festivals, featured in books and at SIGGRAPH 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011 and has received more than 60 awards.

Timo Schierhorn

Timo Schierhorn (DE) born 1979, is a video artist and filmmaker from Hamburg. His film Night in Olympia was awarded the 2010 German Film Critics’ Prize for Best Experimental Film. In 2013 he made a documentary about the reunion tour of the band Slime, and has made music videos for Deichkind, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Die Vögel and other bands.

Directors: Till Nowak, Timo Schierhorn & UWE
3D artist: Till Nowak
Cast (boy): Elliot D.
Grading and finishing: Sebastian Nevermann , Oliver Krupp
Editing and sound effects: Timo Schierhorn, UWE
Production: Auge Altona
Post-producer: Oliver Krupp
Post-production and finishing: mookwe GmbH
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