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World of Tomorrow

Don Hertzfeldt (US)


A little girl is taken on a mind-bending tour of her distant future. World of Tomorrow is Don Hertzfeldt’s first digitally animated film, after twenty years of animating with paper, pencil, and 35mm.

An introduction from director Don Hertzfeld:

Hi everyone! In early 2014 I began work on a secret project called World of Tomorrow. It was originally just an exercise to teach myself the basics of digital animation: after nearly 20 years of working with paper, pencils, 35mm film, rocks, and fire, I’d never actually drawn anything on a tablet before. Animating this way at first seemed a bit like trying to read a children’s book in a foreign language . . . it all seemed vaguely familiar somehow, but was sort of weirdly scrambled. I’m also pretty sure I bent the software to do things it was in no way designed for. But the writing and the visuals soon began to grow, as they always do, and I made two new rules for myself: get through shots as fast as you possibly can, and do everything differently.

Carrying on with this spirit, for the first time I’m releasing a new movie online: World of Tomorrow will continue to play theaters all over the world like the 35mm stuff did, but going digital now means we can bring it to everyone else as soon as possible.

As an independent, those theatrical tours and DVD sales directly funded the next films. and the prevailing gloomy attitude towards selling shorts online seems to be 1) huh? but there's no market for shorts online you fool, and 2) people will steal it anyway. But if we continue to believe there's no market for shorts without ever trying to do anything to challenge it, nothing will change. And I still believe people simply want to support the things they'd like to see more of . . . because hey, without all of you over the years, I surely would’ve had to give up and gotten a real job back in the 90s.

Finally, I'd like to introduce my amazing two leading ladies. The wonderful Julia Pott (animator & illustrator herself), appears in her first acting role, and proves that there is a viable side career for her should she ever tire of endlessly drawing little animals wearing scarves. Julia performs opposite my niece, Winona, who was four years old when I recorded her. I learned very quickly that you cannot direct a four year old. You cannot even expect a four-year-old to recite lines back at you. You just sort of have to let the four year old happen. So I recorded her as we drew pictures together and talked about the world. We live very far apart, I only see her about once a year, so we only had the time for a couple of sessions. And with these recordings—her candid thoughts, reactions, and questions—plus a bit of rewriting, I was then able to create the character you are about to meet...

(Originally written for the Vimeo online release of The World of Tomorrow)


Don Hertzfeldt

Don Hertzfeldt (US) is an Oscar nominee whose animated films include It’s Such a Beautiful Day, Billy's Balloon, The Meaning of Life, and Rejected. His work has played around the world and most recently appeared on The Simpsons. Seven of his films have screened in competition at the Sundance Film Festival, where he is the only filmmaker to have won the Grand Jury Prize for Short Film twice. After creating animated films for nearly twenty years using traditional tools (pencil, paper, and 35mm cameras), World of Tomorrow is his first 100% digital production.

Emily: Julia Pott
Emily Prime: Winona Mae