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Reid Willis - Placed (official video)

Fernando Lazzari (IT) / Popscience (UK)


Official music video for the first track of Reid Willis’ album The Sunken Half. The video was originally inspired by the work of American photographer Robert Adams, in particular his pictures of vast empty landscapes. Later in the process, inspiration came also from the surrealistic work of English graphic designer Storm Thorgerson and Japanese artist Koji Shiraya’s After The Dream series. The very ambiguous quality of the music track—oscillating between the happy and the sad, the bright and the spooky, inspired the creation of objects that make reference both to birth and death at the same time. The big sphere that floats above the land works as a “presence” (Led Zeppelin’s Presence album cover by Thorgerson is a reference) that momentarily affects everything happening on the planet. The actions are deliberately ambiguous and do not really have a clear consequence, but rather suggest ideas that lend themselves to different kinds of interpretations. Eggs, sperm, skulls, stones and fabric all act together in the context of nature to create a mood that some find unsettling, some beautiful. There is no linear narrative, but a shot by shot, line by line, poetic approach.

The backgrounds were shot on the Isle of Wight, UK, a place of natural allure and a very special light in the month of February. The west side of the island features some corners of desolate, timeless beauty that were perfect for the track. The backgrounds were shot on a Canon 5D II on a tripod, with a variety of lenses and using the Cinestyle color preset that provided a slight HDR look, which resembles an illustration rather than a photograph. This look proved very appropriate for the project and made it to the final version with little color correction. All 3D objects were created and animated in Cinema 4D using a combination of dynamics, mograph, deformers and displacements. They were lit, textured and rendered using V-Ray, and later composited in After Effects, where some color correction and texturing was added.


Fernando Lazzari

Fernando Lazzari (UK), is a London-based designer and director with a strong, refined visual style and a unique combination of creative and technical skills. With a solid background in design, film, typography, photography and animation, his work has been recognized with multiple industry awards. His work ranges from short-format logo animations and idents to longer experimental videos where image and sound converge to create strong, poetic audiovisual experiences. Key to his style is the juxtaposition of live-action landscapes, both man-made and natural, with 3D graphics and typography.

Design, direction, animation: Fernando Lazzari
Music: Reid Willis