Hybrid Art

Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Light Barrier

Kimchi and Chips (KR): Mimi Son (KR), Elliot Woods (GB)


Light Barrier creates phantoms of light in the air, crossing millions of calibrated beams using a light field projection technique. The Light Barrier name references the theory of special relativity, which defined a new boundary between material and immaterial. It limits the actions of materials so they cannot move as fast as light, and by the famous mass-energy equivalence formula it denotes how matter and light can be exchanged.

The physical-graphic sequence follows the story of a form. By passing through the Light Barrier, the digital form transcends the limits of its home reality and passes into a physical one. It explores the attributes of its physicality, while bringing something about its digital self into this new realm. Finally the physical form then passes through the Light Barrier again to pass into the next reality.

The artists took inspiration from the impressionist painters. Their obsession with natural light led them to explore color and time through brush strokes, their hands became a tool encoded with their technique. The impressionists were responding to the invention of the camera, creating “viewer-less” images and finding new ways to capture the transient properties of physical reality.

In parallel to this, Kimchi and Chips explore an obsession with digital light, encoding techniques into digital systems to create an image which exists without an implicit viewer. There is no image-plane, or “perspective window” as in paintings or screen-based works. Instead the image itself emerges from the plane of the canvas to create something material and transient in space.

The floating graphic objects which it creates might be described as “holograms,” somewhat different from other systems. It creates solid shapes made from condensed light, where the image is created by focusing light into locations in 3D space where it is scattered by fog.


Kimchi and Chips

Kimchi and Chips is a Seoul-based art studio founded by Elliot Woods (UK) and Mimi Son (KR). They are known for discovering novel interactions involving people and media materials, discovering new technical and artistic paradigms. They formed in 2009 to combine the disciplines of code, form, material, concept and mechanism. They create installations and dialogs which have been exhibited on four continents. They create an emulsion of imagined reality within our physical world, in order to develop natural interactions between people, nature and the possibilities of the digital network.

Supported by:
British Council Russia
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture