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Unknown Forms of Face

Dominik Koller (AT)

http://dominikkoller.net/UnknownFormsOfFace, dominikkoller.net

This work generates random image data and, by means of pattern recognition, will detect faces in these images.

A random image—usually looking like static noise—could possibly display anything (including a portrait of you). It just isn’t very likely that you are going to see anything recognizable at all. However, when creating a large number of these images, it becomes more likely that some of them contain information distinguishable by the human eye—faces, for example. Running a face-detection algorithm, those images are filtered out, and if you look (very) closely, you can see (human?) faces looking at you out of the gray randomness. I find this a very neat metaphor for—well, life, after all. Being very improbable, but possible, it does become likely to happen if there are enough chances—so goes the theory. You just have to look in the right places.

This work not only displays the actual similarity of human sight and computational pattern recognition, it also plays on the idea of (random) information and its interpretation (as the arguably random data gains new meaning only by human interpretation) and the probability of (the origins of) life.


Dominik Koller

Dominik Koller is a student from Austria, passionate about innovation, technology and art. He likes to explore, create and realize experimental ideas, often with code. He was previously awarded a Golden Nica for his work Visual:Drumset. He has been able to gain professional experience at the studio Nexus Interactive Arts, London, and the vvvv Group, Berlin, and has given workshops at the NODE15 Forum for Digital Arts.